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"Dr. Gale Savage really cares about your health. You are not just in & out she takes the time to examine you and provides the proper care needed. I started taking my 12 and 14 year boys there since they have been complaining of back pain. She is doing a great job with them as well" 


"I was suffering with horrible sciatica pain for a few weeks and it started affecting my ability to take my dog for walks because the pain was so great. I saw Dr. Visico and felt an immediate decrease in pain after the first visit. He worked on my muscles, adjusted me, and taught me stretches and exercises to help. He took the time to explain what was going on in my body and I appreciate the time and effort he put into making me feel better. The office manager Grace is very friendly and welcoming and they even have high tech massage chairs. I would recommend this place to everyone!" 


"I've been having lower back issues due to improper form when working out, but Dr. Tanaka took care of the pain and lined me right up! He does an excellent job of knowing exactly how to adjust me. Walked in his office at 5'11 and walked out at 6'1! 

I don't know if this had to do with the adjustment, but I had a lot more energy through out the day and sleep really well that night. Will definitely continue to come see Dr. Tanaka for future adjustments."


"Dr. Henshaw is absolutely amazing. She's not like many chiropractors that adjust everything. She's very particular and pin points the exact problem areas. As a psychologist, I sit all day talking to patients and staring at a computer. She has helped immensely with my upper back and neck pain, as well as my posture. I definitely recommend her services!"

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